“It Has To Be Rigged!” Netizens Debate On The K-Pop Idols Who Were Robbed Of Nominations For The 2023 “MAMA Awards”

Netizens were shocked at some of the names missed out for big awards!

The nominations for the 2023 MAMA Awards have just been released, but netizens have raised their anger after believing certain idols were “robbed.”

So many amazing idols got nominated and showcased what an amazing year it’s been. Yet, considering the huge number of idols in K-Pop, it wasn’t surprising that many amazing idols missed out on nominations in certain categories.

Despite three of the members being enlisted, BTS truly dominated with nominations for both the group and individual members.

Yet, netizens noticed that while Suga (as Agust D), J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook had solo nominations, nothing was there for Jin and RM. For many, all of the members’ solo releases deserved some recognition.

In particular, some huge acts got missed out of the main nominations. Although many were included in “Worldwide Fans’ Choice,” fans thought they deserved more due to their impact on K-Pop.

One group that has been making waves since debuting and continues to showcase their unreal popularity is ATEEZ. Over the past year, they have released so much music for fans and traveled across the world, performing in front of thousands of fans in so many countries.

So, it was unsurprising that fans couldn’t hide their shock when they weren’t nominated in the big categories, especially those linked to performance, as ATEEZ are known as “Performance Kings.”

Similarly, another group that netizens noticed was omitted, despite their domestic and international success, was ENHYPEN. Considering the number of HYBE groups nominated for main awards, fans were shocked and angry at Mnet for excluding ENHYPEN.

One fan even pointed out that despite being “snubbed,” they knew that ENHYPEN would go and perform, showcasing why they deserved to be nominated.

If that wasn’t enough, many even pointed out that a majority of idols from JYP Entertainment were done “dirty.”

While TWICE and Jihyo had some huge nominations, many pointed out that groups like ITZY, NMIXX, and Xdinary Heroes were missed out. In particular, many noticed that they had removed the usual band category, and neither of the company’s newest girl groups gained any attention for their performances.

While it is inevitable that some idols will be unfairly missed from nominations, many fans believe some of these idols have shined and deserved to be nominated for bigger awards.

You can read the full list of nominations below.

A Look At The Full List Of Nominations For The 2023 “MAMA Awards”