Netizens Think Red Velvet’s Joy & TWICE’s Sana Have Looked Alike Since Debut—And They Have A Point

They may not seem similar at first, but…

At first glance, you may not think Red Velvet‘s Joy and TWICE‘s Sana have much in common visually—apart from both being gorgeous, of course. But one netizen on NATE PANN made a pretty compelling case in favor of their similarities, and they definitely have a point.

Since Red Velvet debuted, Joy has been one of the group’s “stan attractors”.

Before Yeri joined them, Joy was still Red Velvet’s maknae, and fans were enamored by her full cheeks and unwavering cuteness.

And the same goes for Sana. TWICE made their debut in 2015, and fluffy-cheeked Sana has been one of the most popular members since day 1.

Her adorable demeanor is one of the reasons her “shy, shy, shy” like in “Cheer Up” went viral.

But while many idols stay true to the vibe they debut with, Joy and Sana both took the complete opposite path as they grew up.

These days, Joy is visually known for her smoldering gaze and her gorgeous figure, as well as how good she looks in sexy red lipstick.

Sana, meanwhile, has become equally mature in her image. ONCEs can’t take their eyes off her since she perfected her sultry stage expressions.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they can’t still both be cute when they want to.

| @twicetagram/Instagram

These days, they’re both known as “cutie-sexy” idols—stars who embody the adorable and precious vibe just as much as the hot and seductive look.

| @_imyour_joy/Instagram

So, while they may have completely different facial features, it makes sense why netizens are agreeing they serve the same visual vibes. No wonder they make such a gorgeous friendship pair!