Netizens Slam South Korean Journalist For Sexualizing TWICE’s Momo

The journalist said Momo showed off her body with “extreme exposure” at the airport.

A South Korean journalist wrote an article on TWICE Momo‘s recent airport outfit, and netizens are criticizing her for sexualizing Momo in her article.

TWICE’s Momo | @twicetagram/Instagram

TWICE departed for the United States from Incheon International Airport on May 12, and Momo wore a beautiful green dress to the airport.


Dahyun took a few photos of Momo in her dress, and Momo posted them on TWICE’s official Instagram profile.

| @twicetagram/Instagram
| @twicetagram/Instagram

Momo’s pictures not only gained ONCE’s attention but also the media’s attention. Journalist Jang Da Hee wrote an article about Momo’s photos entitled “‘Extreme exposure’ MOMO, angle is cutting it close…current girl groups’ bold exposure.”

| Naver

The text of the article further elaborated on what Jang Da Hee labeled as Momo’s “extreme exposure.” 

TWICE’s Momo has revealed her glamorous body. On TWICE’s official Instagram they posted, ‘Dahyun took this pic for me,’ along with several photos. In the photo, Momo is wearing a lime green short dress with luxury brand ‘B’ bag and posing for the camera. She showed off her beautiful body with her extreme exposure fashion.

— Jang Da Hee

Momo’s dress only showed her shoulders and her legs, so netizens disagreed with Jang De Hee’s claim that Momo’s outfit could be labeled as extreme exposure. Netizens took to theqoo to criticize Jang De Hee for sexualizing and sensationalizing Momo’s dress.

| theqoo
  • 501:  Did your brain rewind back like ten something years?
  • 502: If you said this in real life you would have been called out for sexual harassment. You’ve been like this before like last time with Sunmi. It’s a waste to even call you trash anymore.
  • 505: The title is f**king gross
  • 506: The photo looks like a normal daily picture taken by a friend..shocking exposure? Please…
  • 507: I thought she was filming some exposing photo shoot or something..your head is in a weird place.
Source: theqoo and Naver