Netizens Call TWICE’s Synchronization In Recent Performance “Absolutely Crazy,” And They’re Right

It’s seriously breathtaking.

Ever since their debut, TWICE has been praised by netizens for their incredible dance skills. There is no member who is regarded as “weak” at dancing.

TWICE | @M2/YouTube

What happens quite frequently in K-Pop groups is that some members are better than others—and it shows. TWICE’s Momo is a great example of someone who is so talented, it’s difficult to find a match for her.

But it’s outstanding that none of the TWICE members lag behind in terms of skill. They even mentioned in a past interview that Momo is their best dancer, while the rest of them are equally second best. Considering how many they are in the group, this is no easy feat.

| @JYPETWICE/Twitter

Aside from their individual dance skills, another great thing about the girls is how synchronized they are in their choreographies. It’s both their proficiency at dancing and their fantastic group dynamic that make this possible.

This was proven again in a recent performance of their comeback song, “Talk That Talk” on M Countdown. It wasn’t just one or two parts of the song that they were synchronized at, it was everything. They were so good, netizens called them “absolutely crazy.

They also praised the members’ insane footwork, clean formations, and the smooth way they transitioned to the next move, adding that it’s “so sharp” because of their teamwork. The general consensus is that TWICE is one of the best K-Pop groups at synchronization.

Netizen opinions on TWICE’s recent “Talk That Talk” performance

With skills this great, TWICE is proving yet again that they’re veterans in the industry for a reason! Their undeniable talent is just one of many reasons to love them.

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See just how synchronized the girls really are in the full performance below.

Source: Twitter