Netizens Uncover The Impressive Connection Between aespa’s Seemingly Mismatched KBS Gayo Outifts

Once you know the connection, these fits are a power move.

When aespa stepped out at the KBS Gayo Daechukje arrivals for their first red carpet appearance, many fans found themselves shocked by the stylist’s seemingly strange and mismatched outfit choices. However, there is actually a connection between them.

Viewers found themselves entranced aespa’s awesome “Black Mamba” performance at KBS Gayo Daechukje today. The member’s sparkly outfits may be unusual, but they caught the stage lights perfectly.

However, before they hit the stage, their red-carpet outfits had many fans confused and frustrated with the stylist. Main rapper Giselle wore a nude suit comprising an oversized blazer and fitted pants.

Visual Winter was wearing a tight-fitting, white dress that appears to be made from dozens of satin ribbon cuts.

The most unusual dress belonged to leader Karina. While the top section looks like a black version of Winter’s dress, the bottom is completed with a long skirt. And, more interestingly, it includes a belt adorned with locks.

Finally, main vocalist Ningning wore fitted black pants and a white halter top tied into a big knot which hung down to the floor.

Individually, fans did like some of the outfits. However, together, many complained that the members look like they’re from four different groupsβ€”or like they were styled by four different people who didn’t communicate.

Some even suggested that the members should style themselves for events given how their personal outfit choices seem to be better.

However, believe it or not, there is a connection between the seemingly mismatched looks. Shortly after the KBS Gayo Daechukje broadcast, one netizen on TheQoo realized all the outfits are from the same luxury brand: Givenchy.

Specifically, the outfits are part of the new Givenchy Spring-Summer 2021 collection by designer Matthew M. Williams. So, while aespa’s outfits may not seem like they go together, they were actually designed together with similar themes and influences in mind. According to fashion experts, the collection combines retro, club-kid, and streetwear influences with a focus on hardwear.

[Left to right] Giselle’s suit, Winter’s dress, Karina’s dress, Ningning’s outfit | Givenchy
The full Givenchy collection won’t be available to the public until February, so it’s possible the brand may have sent aespa the outfits directly. If that’s the case, some fans are willing to overlook the strange styling choices. After all, wearing unreleased items from a major high-end fashion house is a pretty bold power move for a group that only debuted a month ago.

However, some still think the looks are a major downgrade from aespa’s past styling.

Source: @aespa_official/Twitter and TheQoo