Netizens uncover the touching story behind Suzy’s phone case

Netizens were able to find out the good cause behind Suzy’s phone case, which was used after attending the 2014 Weibo Night Awards in Beijing, China. 

On January 16th, Suzy’s phone case caught the attention of the netizens after spotting her using it after returning from the event in China. The case, which had floral design, became a hot topic online for its intricate design, alongside Suzy’s subtle promotion for it.

However, it was soon discovered that there was a touching secret behind the design. Some netizens found out that the design was made by late Shim Dalyun, who passed away in 2010.

Shim Dalyun was a comfort woman taken away by the Japanese army in the past, who eventually suffered from the after effects of the trauma. Later on,  she was able to move past the trauma through psychological treatment and became a florist. Shim Dalyun held many exhibitions and eventually earned the nickname, “Shim Dalyun –  The Flower Lover.” 

The profits from the phone case being sold will be used to aid those who were taken as comfort women in the past, along with including raising awareness of the cause.

The netizens, in turn,  began complimenting Suzy on her kind nature and some of the phone cases have already been sold out as the result of this phenomenon.

Source: Newsen