Netizens Want NewJeans’ CEO Min Hee Jin To Take A Backseat Away From The Spotlight

“If she wants to be in the spotlight so much, she should be an idol.”

Netizens are getting wary of ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin‘s knack for finding herself in the spotlight.

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On January 26, a post criticizing the creative mind behind K-Pop’s newest power group, NewJeans, went viral among netizens. In the post, the author uploaded an article criticizing the CEO.

During the Lunar New Year holiday, there were two incidents regarding NewJeans. (One was) member Danielle, called the Lunar New Year “Chinese New Year” and soon uploaded an apology because of it. Another was ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin’s interview with Cine21, which became a hot topic. In the interview, which was a place for the CEO to express her thoughts, a few of her statements were controversial. The CEO’s statements regarding her worldview, her thoughts surrounding independent idols, and her musical philosophy came off as disparaging other K-Pop idols and was criticized for not respecting other agencies and its groups and for understating HYBE’s role in her success.

— Columnist Yoon Kwang Eun

In the article, Mediaus’s columnist Yoon Kwang Eun criticizes the CEO for seemingly being in the spotlight when it suits her but shrinks away from accountability in the face of controversy.

 If you look at Min Hee Jin’s interview, she uses an interesting expression. She often ties herself to NewJeans when speaking about the group and uses the word “us” often, repeatedly calls criticism towards her a “misunderstanding,” and goes as far as calling the criticism “unprecedented,” “obsessive,” and “senile.”

— Columnist Yoon Kwang Eun

The article then criticizes the CEO for having too much of an influence on the group and sheds light on Min Hee Jin’s statements in which she compared the idols to actors and herself as the director.

The most eye-catching statement is one in which she compares herself to a movie director. The statement was made in response to criticism stating that Min Hee Jin was in the spotlight too much and that (NewJeans) was subjected to too much of her influence. (Min Hee Jin) compares NewJeans’s members to actors acting out directions they received and emphasizes the fact that ADOR was founded so that she is able to create in her vision. This makes it obvious that in an industry where the idol is given the spotlight, NewJeans is made up of more than just the idols but also its creator.

— Columnist Yoon Kwang Eun

Many netizens agreed with the post. Netizens stated that they would prefer if Min Hee Jin took a role in the background and let the members of NewJeans shine on their own.

  • “I think now that the group is so popular, I think it is only right that (Min Hee Jin) goes into the background… If she wants to be in the spotlight so much, she should be an idol.”
  • “New(Min)Jeans has come to fruition.”
  • “I think it will be good if she stops with the interviews.”
  • “All of this is true… She is always in the spotlight but hides in the face of controversy, and I agree that the group’s members are used to shield her.”
  • “She’s so sensitive to criticism towards her but is frank in her criticism of others.”
  • “I agree wholeheartedly.”
  • “NewJeans is like Min Hee Jin’s logo blocks.”
  • “When she hid behind her label and made the member (Danielle) apologize, I was over her.”

What are your thoughts?

Source: theqoo and mediaus