Netizens Are Worried For aespa’s Winter After Seeing Bruises On Her Arm

“The fact that she hides the pain is really amazing…”

Fans are worried about aespa member Winter‘s health.

Winter | @winter.aespa/Instagram

On July 17, a post regarding the idol’s health was uploaded to Korea’s largest online community.

In the post that has been viewed over 240K times, a netizen wrote how Winter hasn’t been well for a long time and that she is currently powering through her schedule as best she can despite not feeling well.

She wasn’t present at her previous schedule, but since on a music program, if Winter’s absent, there are only three aespa members, she got an IV drip and powered through it.

She told fans yesterday that she is getting better, but was absent today due to her health. She sent a message to fans stating she was sorry.

It seems her health hasn’t been well even before her comeback. Here are pictures of her putting on makeup to hide the bruises from her IV drips.

— Netizen

The netizen then posted several photos of Winter having makeup applied to her arm to hide the bruises from her IV drips.

| Nate Pann
| Nate Pann

Another photo showed the star’s bruises.

Giselle (left) and Winter (right) | Nate Pann

The netizen then wrote how she was worried for Winter.

Even though she isn’t well, she’s promoting while telling fans she is alright. It must be so hard on her mentally and physically.

— Netizen

Many netizens expressed similar concerns in the comments section.

  • “The fact that she hides the pain is really amazing.”
  • “You can tell by her thin bones that her body type isn’t very strong… Those with thick bones are able to handle being an idol physically but Winter doesn’t seem like she would be able to.”
  • “My heart hurts. I hope she gets better soon~ SM Entertainment really sucks at taking care of their idols.”

Other netizens felt that Winter is prone to weakness due to her body type. These body types allude to traditional Korean medicine. According to Korea Herald, “In Korean traditional medicine, people are divided into four body types: Taeyang, Taeeum, Soyang, and Soeum.”

Each body type has different traits to identify them.  For example, according to the Korean newspaper Joong-ang Ilbo, “Those that have Soeum body traits are typically small in stature and have weak stamina. They are not sensitive to heat.” It seems Winter, who has thinner bones and does not sweat, may have Soeum body traits.

Body types in Korean traditional medicine | Korean Institute Of Oriental Medicine

This is in comparison to someone with Taeum body traits. According to the Joong-ang Ilbo article, “Taeeum types have oval faces, eyes, and noses. They have distinctly strong lower bodies. They have a tendency to react well to heavy perspiration through physical activity, even in high temperature.”  

Although traditional Korean medicine has its share of critics, it is still very popular in Korea, with many still subscribing to its benefits.

A Korean medicine practice in Gangnam, Seoul | Jaseng

Many netizens were worried about Winter’s frail body completing her grueling schedules.

  • “I told you… Someone who doesn’t sweat and has thin bones is usually weak. I was like that as well. That is why I was jealous of Karina who, is strong and sweats a lot.”
  • “My heart hurts ㅜㅜ.”
  • “She seems like she is weak. She hasn’t been well since May.”
  • “I don’t know if Winter, with her tiny physique, is able to carry out those schedules, singing and dancing. No wonder she isn’t well.”
  • “You can tell she’s weak. She is overpowering her weakness mentally, which is why she has such a powerful gaze.”

Hopefully, Winter is able to recover soon and continues doing what she loves to do!

Winter and her aespa members are busy promoting their latest comeback. The group recently returned with their second EP, Girls. Check out their music video for their single “Girls” in the link below!

Source: Nate Pann