Netizens Are Worried About I’LL-IT’s Wonhee After Seeing Her During The Group’s First Live Broadcast

Netizens shared the amount of hate comments they saw.

Netizens have shared their concerns for I’LL-IT‘s Wonhee after the group’s first live broadcast following the R U Next? final.

“R U Next” contestant and member of I’LL-IT Wonhee | HYBE

During the show, Wonhee showcased her talent and, despite being young, built up a strong following from fans in Korea and was also praised by the judges.



Yet, while not everyone had the young trainee in their final lineup, Wonhee secured her place in the debuting lineup for I’LL-IT.

The members of I’LL-IT | @illit_twt/Twitter
| @illit_twt/Twitter

After the final lineup was announced, I’LL-IT went live for their first live broadcast. While the members seemed awkward to start…

The members quickly found their stride and enjoyed interacting with each other and the fans watching.


Yet, while netizens quickly debunked any “coldness” between the members, also reminding them that they were bound to be nervous during their first live broadcast, many shared concerns for Wonhee.

One clip has gone viral that seemingly shows the young idol being quiet and almost sad during the broadcast. While the others were chatting and interacting, Wonhee seemed to be looking at the computer where the members were reading comments.

When the clip was posted on TikTok…


the comments were full of hate( #wonhee #ILLIT #yunah #moka #youngseo #iroha

♬ original sound – i’ll-it stan ot6💗

Netizens couldn’t hide their worry for Wonhee. Although many pointed out that she wasn’t their pick, they understood that it wasn’t fair to be so mean to someone so young just because they weren’t happy with the decisions.

Even on Twitter, netizens shared their sympathy with the young idol.

For many, while Wonhee wasn’t their ideal choice, the hate comments the young idol is receiving seem unfair and cement why it isn’t right for such young trainees to debut. Hopefully, Wonhee also saw all the positive comments and that fans showed support, even if they might not have agreed with the decision.

Source: @iluviroha/TikTok