Netizens worry that Girl’s Day might be the next group to disband

Girl’s Day’s Minah recently revealed the possible future for the Girl’s Day during an interview with BNT Magazine while discussing her upcoming solo single album, Other Way.

After the photo shoot, Minah shared her plans for the future, while promoting her latest song “11 degrees”.

Source: @taesbberry

When asked about future plans for Girl’s Day, Minah seemed to answer cautiously.

“It seems to be difficult right now. Right now, each member of the group is busy with their own projects, so we’ll see when the right time would be and watch how things go.”

— Girl’s Day’s Minah

Minah also revealed that their busy schedules have made it hard for them to get together, but that she misses the group.

“I think a lot about our time as Girl’s Day. That was definitely a fun time with all the rowdiness.”

— Girl’s Day Minah

Source: @girlsdayid

While Minah never explicitly mentioned disbandment, her wording made netizens wonder if disbandment is indeed in Girl’s Day’s near future.

“Debut as an idol group -> gain a fanbase -> make acting debut -> switch paths into acting after the contract expires. This seems to be the system set in place now.”

“They are getting ready to call it quits.”

“I believe this is the unofficial disbandment? they look like they want to act.”

— Netizen reactions from Naver

Many fans, however, are holding strong to their faith and believe people shouldn’t read too much into Minah’s words.

Only time will tell what Girl’s Day’s true future is.

Source: Naver