Netizens Call Out YG Entertainment About Alleged Mistreatment Of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo During Their “Shut Down” Comeback

From the title track to the album, netizens believe Jisoo deserves more!

After over two years of waiting, BLACKPINK recently released a new album called Born Pink with the title track “Shut Down.” For many fans, it seemed like the time would never come, and they couldn’t wait to hear what the members had prepared for them.

Members of BLACKPINK | YG Entertainment

Despite the grievances about the lack of songs on the album, netizens couldn’t get over the diversity of the tracks. They were obviously obsessed with the title track, “Shut Down,” and it isn’t surprising considering how badass it is in every way.

“Shut Down” music video | BLACKPINK/YouTube

| BLACKPINK/YouTube       

As expected, all of the members slayed in the album, and many couldn’t get over how talented, beautiful, and sassy BLACKPINK’s oldest member Jisoo was.



Yet, as excited as BLINKs were, many weren’t surprised when the phrase “Where’s Jisoo” and “JISOO SOLO” were trending worldwide. Even before the video was released, BLINKs were raising concerns about the treatment of Jisoo during the comeback.

During the countdown live, the members answered questions and interacted with fans. One of the questions referred to the members’ solo tracks, and it obviously meant that Jisoo wasn’t going to be mentioned as the only member who hasn’t had a solo release.


When many saw the thumbnail for the “Shut Down” video, they were shocked to see that while Jennie was the focus, Rosé and Lisa were also in the shot during the countdown. Yet, they quickly noticed that Jisoo was not present on the thumbnail in any way, even when the official video was released.

After seeing that it was actually the final thumbnail, netizens shared their anger. Even if the others are only seen in some way, the fact that only three out of four of the members were present didn’t seem right. For fans, they thought it wouldn’t have been too hard to have Jisoo there as it wouldn’t have been crowded.

When it came to the album itself and the lines, it also raised concerns about the idol’s treatment. In the group, along with being the oldest, is one of the lead vocalists.

After listening to both the title track and the rest of the songs on the album, BLINKs noticed that Jisoo had significantly fewer lines than the other members. In particular, in “Shut Down,” many pointed out that she had less than ten seconds.

Yet, another reason linked back to the lack of a Jisoo comeback.

When looking at the Born Pink tracklist, they noticed a solo song from a member. Rather than it being Jisoo, the only member without one, it was the main vocalist Rosé. Although many would’ve had mixed reactions to Jisoo’s first solo track being promoted under the group, it would’ve been better than none at all.

With everything in mind, many BLINKs even shared their desire for Jisoo to leave YG Entertainment, explaining that they weren’t treating the idol right.

For many, Jisoo had worked so hard to debut in BLACKPINK and help the group rise to fame while being the oldest and taking care of the members. They believe that she deserves better.

Of course, BLINKs’ concerns are not aimed at the members but at YG Entertainment themselves. Although Jisoo may not have wanted a solo track, netizens believe small details like the thumbnail and amount of lines should be distributed as equally as possible, especially in such a small group.


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