Netmarble Is Reportedly Preparing To Create A New BTS Game

After “BTS World”, the company is planning a new BTS game.

Netmarble, the company that produced the “BTS World” game is reportedly preparing to create another BTS game. They are reportedly hiring developers to prepare a game using BTS’s intellectual propertly (IP).

“BTS World” was produced by an external devloper (Take One Company) but produced by Nermarble. Though popular, reports state that it was not up to par with standard.

They plan to hire devlopers and have stated that the developers need to be an ARMY and have a high degree on knowledging concerning BTS and games to attract a female audience.

“BTS World” exceeded over 1 million downloads worldwide and though popular with the fans, did not meet expectations in terms of profitability. Their goal for the new BTS game is for the users to enjoy rich content with every future update and for the games success to be more long-term.

Source: MTN