A Never-Before-Released Film Of Youn Yuh Jung’s From 1990 Will Hit Theatres In July

The film will officially release 30 years later in July!

Actress Youn Yuh Jung has been gaining significant attention for her show-stopping role as Soonja in the movie Minari, and now, fans can rejoice as a never-before-seen movie of hers will be releasing soon!

Youn Yuh Jung

Late film director Kim Ki Young had shot a film in 1990 titled An Experience to Die For starring Youn Yuh Jung, and though it had been screened at the 3rd Busan International Film Festival in 1998, it had never officially been released in theatres. It was reported that after finishing the film, Kim Ki Young ultimately elected not to release the film because he was unhappy with the final product that came about.

Kim Ki Young

And now, film distributor Blue Film Works announced that the film would be getting a 4K remaster before being shown in theatres come July, giving fans a chance to see Youn Yuh Jung’s brilliant acting once again!

The film An Experience To Die For mainly centers around two women, Yuh Jung (Youn Yuh Jung) whose son passed away because of a mistake a husband made, and Myung Ja (Lee Tam Mi) who divorces her husband after he cheats on her. The two women, who were betrayed by their husbands, meet each other and hatch a plot to murder the others’ husbands.

“An Experience To Die For” poster | Blue Film Works

Youn Yuh Jung has worked with director Kim Ki Young multiple times, such as in her debut film Woman Of Fire, as well as the K-Drama Jang Hui Bin and 2 other films; The Insect Woman and Be A Wicked Woman. 

“Woman Of Fire” poster

Kim Ki Young was known for his experimental and eccentric style with themes of psychosexuality and the grotesque playing out largely in his films, where he also often focused on exploring the psychology of the female characters in his works. Youn Yuh Jung gained tremendous praise for her ability to portray these characters to perfection, making her a rising star in the industry!

And earlier this month, Youn Yuh Jung’s debut film Woman Of Fire was also re-released at CGV Signature K Theatre in Seoul, 50 years after it was first released in 1971!

An Experience To Die For is set to release sometime in July.

Source: The Korea Times