New Boy Group Created By Producer Of Girl’s Day Set To Debut In August

D-CRUNCH is all set to debut in early August!

A brand new boy group from the same entertainment agency as Girl’s Day, ALL-S Company, will be debuting next month!


The group goes by the name D-CRUNCH (Diamond Crunch) and consists of 9 members (Hyunho, Hyunwook, O.V, Hyunoh, Hyunwoo, Minhyuk, Chanyoung, Dylan, and Jeongseung).


D-CRUNCH was produced by CEO Lee Jong Suk of ALL-S Company, the producer of the girl group Girl’s Day and boy group MAP6.


Each member has already been briefly introduced through the company’s official Twitter page.


D-CRUNCH has also opened their own official Twitter page as well as a fan café prior to their debut where they have been posting a variety of contents including short variety program clips.


Meanwhile, netizens have started taking notice of the new group and it seems that they are slowly gaining a sturdy fan base.


ALL-S has revealed the efforts they are making to reach out to their fans and has confirmed that the group will be making a debut in early August.

“Until their debut date, we plan to reach out to fans by revealing various content including reality programs and CCTV clips containing the lives of the trainees. Their official debut has been set for early August and we are doing our best in preparation for it. We thank you for your interest.” ㅡ ALL-S Company


As it seems D-CRUNCH has a lot prepared for their official debut, it will definitely be worth looking forward to! In the meantime, check out this clip of D-CRUNCH member Hyunoh on his adventure to Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do with fellow member, O.V!

Source: Aju News