Game Company Grampus Signs Global License For BTS’s IP To Create New Mobile Simulation Game

Fans are excited for the upcoming BTS games!

Game company Grampus has officially signed a global license contract with Big Hit Entertainment to use BTS’s IP (Intellectual Property) to create a game.

Grampus CEO Kim Ji In stated, “We are truly happy to be able to create a mobile simulation game of our generation’s top artist. Through this contract, we will be able to combine BTS’s global IP power and Grampus’ development to create a high quality simulation game.”

Big Hit also expressed their excitement to start this new venture with Grampus.

Grampus has the power and expertise in the simulation genre and is known for their top-notch game quality. By using Grampus’ expertise with BTS’s brand power, we believe that we will be able to create a mobile simulation game with the best synergy.

Grampus was founded in 2014 and has created games such as Cooking Adventure and My Little Chef.

Big Hit also previously reported that their new game BTS Universe Story, created by Netmarble, would be releasing sometime in the third quarter of this year. This game will be based on BTS’s storyline, which will make the game for fun for fans who have been following the storyline since the beginning.

The new BTS game with Grampus will be released sometime in early 2021.