BTS Is Just As Chaotic As Ever In Their Latest “2022 Season’s Greetings” Preview

There’s never a dull moment with BTS!

BTS is just as chaotic and hilarious as ever in the latest preview for their 2022 Season’s Greetings!

BTS | Naver Post

While the first preview gave us a glimpse of the “Star Turned Villain” concept, this preview gave us a look at the members’ interactions with each other and at what happened on set.


The preview showed us RM’s hilariously stunned reaction to accidentally splashing paint on his white shirt.

The members seemed to enjoy taking their rockstar-themed pictures very much. V and Jin clearly perfected their rockstar screams while on set!

Meanwhile, J-Hope couldn’t resist busting a move.

Suga, Jin, RM, and V posed for rather chaotic unit photos together. RM shook the whole group while V amused himself by poking Jin in the side.

Jungkook and Jimin found their own ways to amuse themselves, too. Jungkook pushed Jimin and Jimin crouched lower to the ground each time he was pushed. Their huge smiles proved they were having tons of fun playing their little game.

The preview hinted at the “Who Knows BTS Best?” game the members played. Of course, they all wanted to prove they know their group the best, so things got very chaotic! From the looks of it, the members were slamming their whiteboards down in excitement and there were surprising plot twists during the game.

V joked that he was “going crazy” during the game, and Jin and Jimin got in a playful argument. Jungkook also suspected Suga of being “too quiet” while they played.

Although we’ll have to wait to see all the chaotic 2022 Season’s Greetings moments, the preview suggests ARMYs will have lots of memorable moments to watch over and over again in this package!

See the full preview below.