Who Is She? First Woman To Guest On BTS Suga’s “Suchwita”


The teaser for Episode 11 of BTS Suga‘s online interview show Suchwita is finally out!

ARMYs were excited to see that it would be the first-ever woman guest on Suchwita. The previous ten episodes were all men.

Yet, some mistakingly thought it was a man again. They thought it looked like RM in a wig! But he has appeared on the show two times already.

Others struggled to figure out who the woman really was. It’s one of the few times that ARMYs couldn’t immediately recognize the guest despite the editor’s attempts at concealing the identity.

Still, a few recognized the woman! Even if they might not know her name, they know her as a famous actress.

It’s none other than actress Lee Na Young. You might have watched her in K-Dramas Romance Is a Bonus Book and Ruler of Your Own World or films Someone Special and Maundy Thursday.

Lee Na Young
Lee Na Young (left) and Lee Jong Suk (right) | tvN

You can watch Lee Na Young on Suchwita on May 22 at 10 PM KST.


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