New Building In Egypt Goes Viral, Thanks To BTS ARMY

“Which ARMY architect designed this?”

A new building in Egypt is garnering attention from the BTS ARMY.

The building in question is the Kemet Tower. It is an administrative building in New Administrative Capital, Cairo, Egypt.

| Cube Consultants

While the original building plans would not make ARMY do a second take…

Cube Consultants

Another photo of the building has gone viral with BTS’s fandom due to the shape.

It made ARMYs wonder if the architect behind the building was also ARMY.

It greatly resembles the BTS logo. Just look at the two side by side.

Still, the inspiration behind Kemet Tower is not BTS. It was actually inspired by ancient Egypt, including the Great Pyramid.

‘Kemet’ Tower is in the New Administrative Capital, alongside several governmental embassies, overlooking the central bank. The main goal behind the design was to provide the administrative building with a powerful and symbolic message that represents the essence of ancient Egypt. This message was delivered by drawing inspiration from the distinctive features of the Nile Delta and the Great Pyramid applying their characteristics to the design in a contemporary manner. The design process was done in accordance with TUTERA style, which aims to emulate ancient Egypt’s sophistication and forward-thinking into modern designs.

The tower’s structure is split down the middle, allowing sunlight to penetrate through the golden pyramid and illuminate the reflective dark walls that resemble the steepness of the Grand Gallery’s passage. The sunlight that passes through the structure embodies the connection between the sky and ground. Kemet Tower’s entrance resembles the interior space of King Khufu’s golden pyramid by drawing inspiration from its and proportions.

The tower’s striking figure is designed to attract visitors toward to the main lobby, which is a grand atrium at a height of 35 meters. It also includes a fully furnished rooftop and terraces on both sides of the building in order for employees to enjoy the spectacular view of the New Administrative Capital.

— Cube Consultants

Cube Consultants
Cube Consultants
Cube Consultants

While it seems like Kemet Tower might not have been designed with BTS in mind, there’s no denying the resemblance to the group’s logo. It also reminded ARMYs of other buildings that look similar to the logo.

What do you think? Could there be some ARMY architects?

Source: Zyna1300613 and Cube Consultants

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