New Chat Logs Reveal Jung Joon Young’s Chatroom Comparing The Women They Had Sex With To Comfort Women

They compared them to comfort women from one of Korea’s darkest ages.

BBC Korea has revealed brand new chat logs showing members of Jung Joon Young’s chatrooms using extremely vulgar language, including comparing the girls they had sex with to comfort women from the Japanese Imperial era.

The first chat log revealed showed members of the chatroom using their secret code to talk about having sex with women. They would use terms such as “eating” for having sex and “taste” for how they felt the sex was.

T: Our poor X and Y (names of 2 women someone had sex with).

K: S had sex with X and Y yesterday, how was it?

T: Give me X and Y’s phone number.

K: X and Y are like comfort women.

The members would also sexually disparage girls of other nationalities, specifically German and Chinese women.

Jung Joon Young: I’m about to get on the plane.

K: Wow I’ll miss you, really.

Jung Joon Young: Haha, when I go I’m still going to have sex with Korean women, I’ll call them to my place and do it there and then go out. German bitches’ butts are huge.

P: Come back safely.

K: German vaginas smell like sausages.

Jung Joon Young: It’s not too bad lol. It will be exciting.

It was also reported by BBC Korea that when the chatroom was discussing one member’s schedule in China, they referred to women from Macau as “bitches” and that they would “screw them”.

The word woman was rarely seen in their chatrooms. When the members would talk about women, they would use derogatory terms such as “bitch”. They also even talked about drugging women before the sex.

Jung Joon Young: She’s also legendarily bad.

P: XX’s vagina smell.

Jung Joon Young: She also does drugs.

K: She’s ascended to bitch status. You have my respect, little bro, getting with XX

P: After feeding her sleeping pills, I did it in her asshole, did it in her vagina, did it in her asshole again, and then finished in her mouth.

They also shared pictures or videos with each other that were supposed to be private, and openly discussed the women’s genitals.

P: It’s XX. No one, leak that stuff.

K: Okay.

P: Really. Only I am supposed to have those. If it leaks, then I am going to be the asshole again.

K: Is XX’s vagina hairy?

P: Nope, when having sex with XX she is sexier than anyone else.

K: Do it again with XX.

Source: BBC Korea