New Chat Logs Reveal Seungri Soliciting Prostitution To Business Partner Back In 2014

He started soliciting prostitution 5 years ago.

In exclusive chat logs obtained by Sisa Journal, they have discovered that Seungri was soliciting prostitution to his business partners starting in August 2014.


In the messages, Seungri can be seen telling an investor the prices of a girl, and even provided pictures of the girls upon request.

Seungri: Girl number 1 isn’t very talkative but she kind of likes money. Also, she’s a girl that isn’t very charming while drinking. But her visuals are really good.

Seungri: Girl number 3… her visuals are good and so is her personality. When drinking, she is fun and nice… but the problem with her is that when she gets drunk, she is a wreck.

CEO A: What about girl 4?

CEO A: What about girls 2, 4, and 5?

CEO A: So lets eliminate Girl 1 from the selection. Out of Girls 2, 4, and 5, lets see one more.

CEO A: We need more girls like number 3

Seungri: Number 5 is also good!

— Above chat log


Another section of the chat was revealed, but due to sensitivity issues, only select parts were disclosed.

Seungri: Mr. CEO, what style of girl do you like?

CEO A: Well.. Southeast Asian men like girls with white skin. Girls with white skin are innocent and pure, but also on the other side, sexy girls. A pure, innocent style like XX, XXX, or XXX, or girls who are very fancy/showy and seem like girl group members. How about that style? Height around 160 cm… and slim.


CEO A: Did you tell them about heading to Indonesia?

Seungri: Yes CEO.

CEO A: It should be for 2 or 3 nights. Who knows, it should be about 10 million won? less?

Seungri: Got it!! That’s 10 million won per person, right CEO?

— Chat between Seungri and CEO A


Seungri then sent CEO A pictures of the girls.


Police began investigations on Seungri earlier today, as he was seen walking into the Seoul Metropolitan Police Office.

Seungri Arrives At Police Station For Investigation Regarding Hidden Camera Chatroom and Prostitution

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