New Chat Logs Reveal Seungri Soliciting Prostitution to Japanese Businessman

He helped with soliciting prostitution.

SBS has revealed new chat logs showing Seungri and Yoo In Suk soliciting prostitution to a Japanese businessman.

On November 27, 2015, about a month before Christmas, Seungri was revealed to have mentioned to be preparing a special party in a group chatroom with Yoo In Suk.

Seungri: President A from Japan is coming, so lets make sure to prepare extra carefully.

Seungri: President A also has guests coming, so we are preparing a separate party for him.

Seungri: Lets give back 100 times what we received from him.

Yoo In Suk then told Seungri that they should just provide all of the girls they can, in order to please President A.

Yoo In Suk: Our goal this time is to make the Japanese people message us next week saying ‘shouldn’t we go back to them.’

Yoo In Suk: Let’s just call all of the girls that we know, really.

Yoo In Suk: To the point there are no girls left in the clubs.

Seungri: Okay. I got it all.

A chat log between Mr. Park and an unnamed person was also shared, showing the girls were almost arriving to serve the Japanese businessman and his guests.

Mr. Park: [Name redacted] and I are currently finishing up at a restaurant.

XXX: I’ll call the girls until 11pm, will that be okay?

Mr. Park: The guests are almost there. They have 2 kilometers left. We are on the 2nd floor.

Seungri sent a message telling Yoo In Suk what President A liked.

President A likes white truffles, go get some. He likes to eat them with cow intestines.

— Seungri

Yoo In Suk then talked to the unnamed person, talking about a gift, which were prostitutes.

Yoo In Suk: This hyung has a gift for you.

XXX: What is it?

Yoo In Suk: I’ll send you the address.

Mr. Kim then sent the unnamed recipient a confirmation of the prostitutes entertaining the Japanese businessmen.

XXX: The Japanese [businessmen] have been entertained, what about the rest of the girls?

Mr. Kim: There are 6 girls with them, there are still many girls left.

In response to this, Seungri’s legal counsel has once again stated that all of the claims are false.

Source: SBS

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