New Chats Show Seungri and Jung Joon Young’s Messages To Choi Jonghoon After His Drunk Driving Incident

“Don’t think the next time you drive drunk will be blocked.” — Seungri

The newest chat logs released by SBS FunE have revealed members of the chatroom, including Seungri, Jung Joon Young, and Mr. Kim, taunting FTISLAND‘s Choi Jonghoon after he was caught drunk driving in March 2016.


In the first part of the revealed chats, Choi Jonghoon sent a message expressing how he survived his drunk driving incident, thanks to “XX hyung”. Mr. Kim sent a response as well.

Choi Jong Hoon: Idol group member exposed for drunk driving… (view original article).

Choi Jong Hoon: Thankfully, because of XX hyung’s favor, I was able to survive

Mr. Kim: Jonghoon-ie, you had a good experience.

Mr. Kim: It must have been a thrill to try to escape in front of the police. The handcuffs [were on your wrists].”

— SBS FunE revealed messages


In the second set of chats, other members of the chat continued to talk about Choi Jonghoon’s incident, including Jung Joon Young saying how he could have ended up on the front of the newspaper.

Jung Joon Young: Jonghoon-ie could have flown right to the front page of the newspaper.

Mr. Heo: It could have made the headlines.

Mr. Park: You would be famous.

Choi Jonghoon: Why would I be in articles. This [matter] was handled so quietly

Mr. Kim: Quietly? Do you know how much effort Mr. Yoo went through to do this for you

Seungri: Don’t think that the next time you drive drunk will be blocked. XX hyung used his own money to block the mouths [of the police].

— SBS FunE revealed messages


Finally, it was also revealed that the same police who booked Choi Jonghoon for drunk driving gave him a call later that night, congratulating him on his birthday.

Source: The Celuv

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