New Clip Surfaces Showing What Really Happened Before Officers Violently Assault Asian Passenger

A new video has shown that Dr. David Dao was not belligerent and disruptive, contrary to what United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz said.

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz said in his statement to United staff members that the reason Dr. David Dao was forcibly removed from the airplane was because his behavior became wild and aggressive. This, however, does not seem to be true.

A new video has been released showing the conversation that Dr. David Dao had with the police officer who tried to remove him from the plane.

In the video, Dr. Dao can be clearly seen asking the officer why they chose him to be removed from the plane. The officer refuses to clearly explain why he has been selected for removal and Dr. Dao is firm that he will be taking the flight, telling the officer to talk to his lawyer.

The officer can be heard telling him that things could get worse, trying to threaten Dr. Dao.

“See the video over there? Sir, I’m telling you, this could get way worse.”

— Chicago Aviation Police Officer

Watch the full video, taken moments before Dr. Dao’s forced removal from the plane below.