A New-Concept Variety Program Starring iKON, Wheesung and Many More Set To Air In August

“300” is set to begin airing in late August!

Cable channel tvN will be airing a new-concept variety program called 300 in which artists and their team of 300 fans will be competing against each other in a group singing competition for the top prize.


A total of 8 teams will be participating in the program with iKON, Wheesung, UV and Yonja Kim already confirmed as contestants. The remaining 4 teams will be revealed in the near future.

The 8 artists who all deal with different genres of music will be competing for a prize of 100 million won ($90,000 USD).


Many iKON fans have already begun to get excited to see iKON on a program.

  • “I always trust in iKON’s music!”
  • “iKON is so bling bling.”
  • “I’m so excited we get to see iKON on TV!”
  • “iKON continues to move us with their songs. Please show us your awesome dancing too.”
  • “I’m always proud of iKON.”
  • “iKON daebak!”
  • “I’m excited for iKON.”
  • “iKON fighting!”
  • “I’ve never been disappointed with iKON because they’re always working so hard.”
  • “I love you iKON.”
  • “You did well iKON, please don’t get hurt!”


Meanwhile, the producer of the program, Kwon Sang Wook, has explained his motivation for creating the program, asking viewers to look forward to what the show has to bring to the table.

“We are overfilled with excitement and passion, enough to make people feel that we have always been a ‘singing community’. This is why artists often create touching moments of large groups singing along to songs at concerts that give us goosebumps. The competition between the representative artists of Korea from all different genres along with 300 of their fans is expected to move our viewers in a new way. Please look forward to our new show.” ㅡ PD Kwon Sang Wook


300 is set to air its first episode in late August so stay tuned!

Source: Star News and Naver