This New Ending Of “Anpanman” By BTS’s RM And V Is Everything ARMYs Needed

It’s a vmon ending.

BTS is sweeping Paris off its feet with their France leg of the tour. And during their performance of “Anpanman”, RM and V created this adorable moment of true brotherhood – and ARMYs are in love with their relationship.


RM and V have always had a whole thing going for them – by names like “vmon” or “taejoon” – so it’s no news that these two members are closer than family. Throughout the Paris show, RM and V were groovy together. But when V got too hyped to control himself toward the end of “Anpanman”, he decided to jump on RM’s back like a baby brother to his older hyung!


RM was quick to catch V on his back. Then RM spun V around, while V looked out-of-this-world happy to be carried high on RM’s back. V put his baseball hat on RM’s head and RM didn’t seem to mind.


Right as the music stopped, RM’s spin came to a halt on beat and V posed at the camera. Fans are UWUing hard at this beautiful moment of pure love and brotherhood – and are now calling it the new ending to “Anpanman”!


Who else is all for #vmon? These two are definitely BFF goals!