New Girl Group Cignature Just Debuted—Here’s All You Need To Know About Them

Want to stan? Here’s what you need to know about the group, the song, and the members.

New girl group Cignature just made their much-anticipated debut with their first single, “Nun Nu Nan Na”, and their first fans are already sure they’ll be the rookies to watch this year. Want to stan? Here’s all you need to know about them.


About The Group

Cignature is a new girl group with 7 members: Chaesol, Jeewon, YeAh, Sunn, Seline, Belle, and Semi. They’re managed by J9 Entertainment, a subsidiary of C9 Entertainment. If that company sounds familiar, it’s because they’re also the ones behind boy group CIX.

5 of the 7 Cignature members have been seen before. They previously debuted as part of a now-disbanded girl group, GOOD DAY, and also participated in KBS2’s survival show, The Unit.

The name “Cignature” represents the members’ wish to become a “signature group” in the K-Pop sphere. Before their debut, they were known as C9 Girlz. You can find them at @cignature_J9 on Twitter and Instagram.


About The Song

Cignature made their debut on February 3 2020 with “Nun Nu Nan Na”. This bright, fun dance track features a colorful music video and bouncy choreography.

A few days before the song’s release, Cignature also uploaded a short dance practice.


About The Members


Born on July 14 1998 (international age: 21), Chaesol (real name: Moon Chae Sol) is the eldest member of Cignature. She’s in the group’s vocal line and considers her focal point to be her charm.

Chaesol used to train under Fantagio Entertainment, the company behind Astro and Weki Meki. She later joined C9 Entertainment and debuted with GOOD DAY. Chaesol was a contestant on The Unit, but got eliminated in episode 7.

Chaesol’s favorite colors are black and white, and she used to do ballet as a child.



Jeewon (real name: Kim Jee Won) was born on April 1 1999 (international age: 20). She is part of the group’s vocal line, and her focal point is her cool personality.

Jeewon is a former member of GOOD DAY (where she was known as Genie), and also competed on The Unit alongside Chaesol. Jeewon ranked #11 on the show. Before she joined C9 Entertainment, Jeewon was a BlockBerry Creative trainee, where she became close to LOONA’s Hyunjin. Alongside her K-Pop career, Jeewon has also been a model for online fashion store Sonyunara since pre-debut.

Jeewon is a big fan of IU. Her favorite season is spring, she loves pink, and she can’t swim.



YeAh (real name: Kim Ha Eun) was born on October 9 1999 (international age: 20). She is the group’s main vocal, and her focal point is her versatility.

A former member of GOOD DAY (under her birth name, Haeun), YeAh was set to debut in a group called Littles. However, that group disbanded before their debut came. Some of her close friends in the K-Pop industry include SONAMOO’s Nahyun, MOMOLAND’s Taeha and Nancy, and all the members of LABOUM.

The idol YeAh looks up to most is Ha:tfelt. Her favorite color is green and she likes dainty things.



Sunn (real name: Hwang Ji Won) was born on February 7 2000 (international age: 19). Sunn is the group’s main dancer and part of the rap line. Her focal point is her eyes.

When Sunn was part of GOOD DAY, she went by the stage name Viva. She also participated in The Unit, where she ranked #29 overall and #3 in the show’s dance competition. She and two other Cignature members used to attend Joy Dance Academy.

Sunn didn’t always want to be a K-Pop idol. When she was younger, she aspired to be president. Her role model is Kyungri from 9MUSES. She loves yellow and orange, and her favorite seasons are spring and autumn. She also likes cream cheese and bread.



Seline (real name: Jeong Yeon Jeong) was born on June 20 2000 (international age: 19). She’s in the group’s vocal and rap lines, and her focal point is her cute face.

Not much is known about Seline so far since she wasn’t part of GOOD DAY. Her stage name comes from that of Selene, the Greek moon goddess.



Belle (real name: Jin Hyeon Ju) is a Korean-Filipino idol born on November 3 2001 (international age: 18). Belle is in the vocal line, and her focal point is her dimples.

Belle was another former GOOD DAY member, where she went by the name Lucky. Alongside her fellow GOOD DAY members, she participated on The Unit and ranked #24. Before debuting, she trained at Joy Dance Academy.

Belle is a Disney fanatic who loves pink, spring, and autumn. Her mother is Filipino while her father is Korean. Her role model in K-Pop is Seohyun from Girls’ Generation.



Born on April 10 2002 (international age: 17), Semi (real name: Goo Se Mi) is the group’s maknae. Like Sunn, she also considers her eyes to be her focal point.

Semi used to train under JYP Entertainment. There, she became close with IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon, ITZY’s Chaeryeong, and several TWICE members. She also attended Joy Dance Academy with Belle and Sunn.

Semi loves food—especially meat, ice cream, and hamburgers.