New Jersey Media Site Bashes TWICE And Their Talent After Their Concert In Newark

He had nothing nice to say about TWICE.

In a post titled “K-pop sensation TWICE was a big fluffy flop at 1st N.J. concert: review” journalist Bobby Oliver spends an entire article ridiculing, generalizing and demeaning TWICE.

He repeatedly asserts that TWICE is undeserving of their success, saying that their American introduction was “oversized”, and they had no “exeeding talent that would warrant 2.5 billion views on YouTube” among other degrading statements about the girls.

Even if it is vapid teen-pop complete with the emotional intelligence of a banana slug, it’s not a difficult product to sell.

– Bobby Oliver

A few of the statements in the article, however, contradict each other – Oliver describes TWICE as passionless “animatronics” with a lack of showmanship while simultaneously admitting that they made every effort to interact with the crowd and even cried on stage.

Jihyo dabbing her tears after saying she missed Mina during her ment.

…the women all spoke through an interpreter, who tried to keep up as they lightly joked with each other, urged the crowd to scream and incessantly asked if the audience liked the song they just sang.

Yes, ladies, the building is literally shaking with shrieks. You’re fine.

– Bobby Oliver

His criticisms of TWICE led him to make generalizations about all Korean women, calling them “naturally more reserved” – a damaging stereotype that has been perpetuated by the Western media for ages.

Perhaps it’s a cultural difference, the women being naturally more reserved, or instructed to exude a sort of glazed-over pageant poise at all moments.

– Bobby Oliver

ONCE in attendance, however, all agree that TWICE at the Prudential Center was an incredible performance and one that they won’t soon forget.

TWICE have always been known as hardworking performers who put their fans first, so we’re confident that they will continue to work hard and give ONCE unforgettable experiences through the rest of their TWICELIGHTS North American tour. Their next stop of tour will be Chicago on July 23.

TWICE backstage in Newark with popular K-Pop journalist Jeff Benjamin