New JTBC Show ‘Star K’ Is Trying To Organise 2NE1 And Wonder Girls Reunions

Blackjacks and Wonderful, it might be time to get excited.

Stage K is an upcoming JTBC show that promises to bring dance teams from over 77 countries to compete for a chance to perform with an idol group who are referred to as “Dream Stars”.

Dara already has a role on the show, she will be a “K Leader” whose job it is to support the competitors. At a press conference for the show, Dara pitched the idea of a 2NE1 reunion on the show:

According to the producers, some contestants auditioned with 2NE1 dances. I wondered if we would be able to come together because of JTBC, and how amazing that would be.

– Dara

A producer for the show, Kim Hak Min, made it seem all the more likely with his statement and also teased a similar episode with Wonder Girls.

We also want 2NE1 to have an appearance on the show. We are positively looking into it. Not only 2NE1 but we are also hoping for a dream competition with Wonder Girls.

– Kim Hak Min

The other ‘K Leaders’ on the show are g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung, Sechskies’ Eun Ji Won and Wonder Girl’s Yubin. The first episode airs on April 7th.