New Kids On The Block’s Donnie Wahlberg Has The Most Heartfelt Message About Meeting BTS, And It Honestly Might Make You Cry

He definitely chose the right shirt to wear to the “2021 AMAs!”

Actor and New Kids on the Block (also known as NKOTB) member Donnie Wahlberg made headlines over this weekend due to not only his group’s great performance at the 2021 American Music Awards (AMAs) with New Edition. He also got ARMYs’ attention with his fit as he rocked official BTS merch on the red carpet.

That’s not all either. He didn’t wear a Love Yourself T-shirt from BTS’s world tour just because he knew the group was also performing that night.

From left: BTS’s Jimin, J-Hope, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Suga, and V performing “Butter” at “2021 AMAs.” | Yonhap News

He’s a longtime ARMY like the rest of us! This is definitely not his first time wearing a BTS T-shirt.

Donnie Wahlberg.

Still, the fact that he chose to wear a BTS T-shirt to a prestigious event is so awesome. But what really made things even better is the fact that he met BTS while wearing their merch. Look at the members’ reaction to his shirt!

Since these two legendary boy bands met, we’ve been unable to get over it…

This includes NKOTB themselves! Joey McIntyre added to the band’s official post about their meeting, confirming all our theories that BTS are as nice IRL as we imagine them to be!

| Instagram

While it’s been a couple of days since the 2021 AMAs, we’re all still not over it, and we’re definitely not alone. Certified ARMY Donnie reposted their photos with BTS, including the iconic fistbump with Suga. His heartfelt caption about BTS, though, is what has us absolutely devasted!

Donnie is, of course, able to relate to BTS on a personal level as a fellow boy bander. Still, he can’t help but admire them so much.

Having been a member of a boy band (@nkotb) that went to the @amas as a young man, and received screams that never stopped for the duration of the entire show (so much so that other people’s fans actually started booing us back — true story), I can tell you that these guys #BTS handled the event with so much grace.

— Donnie Wahlberg

Of course, what makes BTS so special is their message of love. They show love everywhere they go and to everyone they meet, whether it’s ARMY, fellow artists, etc. They are the same humble boys that debuted back in 2013!

They loved their fans for their support (aka #BTSARMY), they gave love and respect to every single artist they came across and they never stopped being humble, the entire night.

— Donnie Wahlberg

BTS never fail to make us proud, including Donnie. After seeing BTS in person, he knew for a fact that he chose the right T-shirt that evening. He’s 100% here for everything the group stands for.

I was proud to wear their T-shirt on the red carpet and am more proud that I did after meeting them. They were a true example of how to #LoveYourself and how that love allows you to love everyone else!

— Donnie Wahlberg

BTS accepting award at “2021 AMAs.” | Yonhap News

NKOTB and BTS only have love for each other!

Get your tissues out and read Donnie’s full post below:

Source: @donniewahlberg

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