New Korean Movie Attempting To Cast Jessica Alba As Lead Actress

Despite initial confusion caused by miscommunication, Taewon Entertainment stated they are attempting to cast Jessica Alba to star in an upcoming Korean war film, Battle of Jangsari (unofficial title).

Early this month, news reports on the possibility of Jessica Alba starring in a Korean war film unofficially titled Battle of Jangsari surfaced. This particular article stated she would play the role of Marguerite Higgins, the first American war correspondent and reporter to have been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for her book, War in Korea. However, on February 6, Jessica Alba’s agency revealed they had never received any offers, nor had they even been contacted about this role.

Multiple media sources interviewed Taewon Entertainment, and reported that the agency confidently stated they are close to confirming Jessica Alba’s appearance in the film.

“We’ve been in talks with Jessica Alba’s agency about her schedule and rates. I don’t think there will be a problem. Her appearance in this film is almost confirmed.”

– Taewon Entertainment

Sports World stated that Jessica’s agency explained that she found out about the issue by reading a translated version of a news article titled “Jessica Alba Possibly to Star in Taewon Entertainment’s ‘Battle of Jangsari’“, which contained false reports of her receiving love calls from Taewon Entertainment.

According to an insider, Jessica Alba’s agency is currently debating whether they need to release an official statement regarding the misunderstanding, and to announce that she has never been contacted about starring in Battle of Jangsari.

Taewon entertainment’s CEO Jung Tae Won responded to this report:

“We have simply looked into how much her guarantee would be and if her schedule would allow for this. As I have mentioned before we have not made her an offer yet. We can’t. The scenario is not complete, when we complete the scenario and complete the translation we plan to make her an offer. I stated these things because Jessica Alba is used to filming in foreign locations and she is also fond of Korea. I judged that given these situations and after looking into her usual conditions it seemed very possible to have her star in our movie.”

– Jung Tae Won, CEO of Taewon Entertainment

Source: Sports World