New K-Pop Company Announces Girl Group With 2 European Members

The company aims to create a “deep cultural link between Europe and Asia”.

A newly established K-Pop company called Union Wave Entertainment recently announced its new girl group with a unique twist: two of the members are not Asian.

UnionWave Entertainment was founded in Switzerland in April 2018. This month, February 2020, the company launched its first branch in Seoul, Korea. UnionWave Entertainment says it plans to create a “deep cultural link between Europe and Asia”—which explains why two of the group’s members are Europeans.

The group’s 5 members were finalized in December 2019, and two of them are Korean. Leader Gyeongmin, who was born in South Korea, has wanted to be an idol since she was young. She’s also a keen piano player, can learn instruments without formal teaching, and speaks a small amount of Chinese and English.

Chaerin was also born in South Korea, but she was raised in both the US and Russia. As a result of her international upbringing, she can speak Korean, English, and Russian fluently. Her English name is Rachel, and she’ll be the group’s main rapper.

Alongside Gyeongmin and Chaerin, there’s another Asian member: Najeong from Hong Kong. Najeong’s real name is Leung Kirsten—which she says fans are welcome to call her. The group’s main dancer, her native language is Cantonese, but she taught herself Korean.

Of course, the most unique and surprising part about UnionWave Entertainment’s new girl group is that the youngest two members aren’t from Korea or Asia at all.

The first European member is Nia, whose real name is Daniela Lacave. Nia is from Valencia in Spain. She’s an ARMY who took singing lessons for 3 years before auditioning to become an idol, and she’s currently studying Korean. Nia will be the group’s lead vocalist and visual.

The group’s maknae and suspected main vocalist is Miriam, who was allegedly born in 2003 or 2004. Miriam Lucca is from Novara in Italy. Like Nia, she loves BTS and is currently studying Korean. Despite her young age, she has a flower tattoo on her left arm.

According to UnionWave Entertainment, all the members have their own Instagram accounts are currently training hard for their debut in summer 2020.

But given K-Pop fans’ receptions to previous European idols like Lana, it remains to be seen what the public’s reception to Nia and Miriam will be.