New Picture Of Influencer Song Ji A (Freezia) Partying And Smoking At Infamous Club “Burning Sun” Surfaces

“Burning Sun… we study you again…”

A new photo of Song Ji A (also known as Freezia) partying and smoking at the now infamous Burning Sun club is going viral.

Song Ji A (also known as Freezia) and a friend at Burning Sun | Nate Pann

The picture was first posted on an online community forum, where it has since been viewed over 390 thousand times. The post titled “Is this Freezia?” depicted the influencer with a friend at the club.

Post on Nate Pann | Nate Pann

In the picture, the influencer is seen holding a Marlboro cigarette pack. A netizen in the comments uploaded another picture of the influencer wearing the same outfit that was taken at the club.

Freezia | Nate Pann

Fans of the influencer were quick to defend her, saying, “She is an adult, and she is smoking, big deal,” “Everybody thought Burning Sun was a normal club at first,” and “An adult is at a club and smoking, who cares?”

Some netizens, however, felt this was just another blow to the influencer’s already damaged image, saying, “She looks like she would lol,” “She seems so cheap,” and, “Burning Sun gate… we study you again.”

The timing of the pictures is undoubtedly inconvenient for the influencer as she recently returned from her hiatus just a week ago.

Source: Nate Pann