New Pokemon Movie Announced, Hollywood Actor Ryan Reynolds Will Be Pikachu

Imagine Deadpool as a Pikachu, because this is actually happening!

Ryan Reynolds is most recently known for his role as Deadpool in the critically acclaimed Marvel movie. 

Source: @ComicBookNOW

Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds has been confirmed to star as a voice actor role for the ultra-famous Pikachu in an upcoming live-action Pokemon movie.

The live-action film is will be based on a popular Japanese animation, this particular movie is based on a video game that was released under the title of Great Detective Pikachu.

Legendary Entertainment, the film producing company will be the distributing studio and Rob Letterman, who is known for a movie Goosebumps will be directing the film.

The live action will feature a 3-D animated version of the popular character, with a motion capture in nature.

The filming will begin in January of 2018, and the live-action film will be out in May of 2019.

This would be the first live-action adaptation of the popular Japanese animation, and fans can’t wait how the project will turn out.

Source: Dispatch