A New Song Has Been Added To The Unofficial List Of K-Pop Tracks “Banned” During The CSAT Exam Season

It’s only been out three days but is catchy AF!

In Korea, there is an unofficial list of songs that are deemed “banned” for students because of how addictive and catchy they are.

They include songs like SF9’s “O Sole Mio,” SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong,” BTS‘s “Go Go,” and aespa‘s “Next Level,” and more.




Well, it seems like there is a new addition to the list, and it’s from SEVENTEEN!

The members of SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

Over the years, SEVENTEEN has released some of the catchiest songs possible!

The same could be said after the group recently their newest track, “God of Music,” from their album SEVENTEENTH Heaven. Although it is autumn, many love that it brought summer back.


In particular, which the catchy chorus has been on the minds of netizens worldwide.

So, it’s not surprising that it has made headlines for being addictive.

While it has only been three days since the song was released, it seems “God of Music” hasn’t only hit the charts, but taken to colleges. In particular, it was recently revealed by a news article that the song is now considered “banned” by students.

Immediately after its release, “God Of Music” spread through word of mouth as a popular pick beyond the fandom and is considered a ‘banned song for college entrance exams’ on online community boards.

The article revealed some netizens’ comments about the song, and considering the time of year, it’s not surprising that the catchy tune has taken over already.

Source: Xports News