New Terrifying Still From Upcoming “Train to Busan” Sequel, “Peninsula”, Has Been Released

Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse?

Peninsula, the much anticipated sequel to the popular and highly praised zombie film, Train to Busan, is set to release sometime this summer. On March 23, the first still of the film has been released, giving us a glimpse of the horrors that the movie will be filled with.

In the still, Jung Suk (played by Kang Dong Won) is facing off against a hoard of raging zombies. He’s looking surprisingly calm for someone that is coming face-to-face with death, which is probably thanks to the 4 years the characters in the film have dealt with the undead (the movie takes place 4 years after Train to Busan was filmed).

The film is sure to be as frightening, gut-wrenching, and thrilling as the first, based off of what we’ve seen already! Two posters from the film had already been released previously, showing night and day in the zombie apocalypse.

Keep your eyes open for an official release date!