Get Your Tissues Ready—New Trailer Shows BLACKPINK’s Netflix Documentary Will Be An Emotional Rollercoaster

“I considered if it was right for me to give up here…”

Two weeks ahead of its release date, Netflix has finally dropped the trailer for BLACKPINK‘s first documentary, BLACKPINK: Light Up the Sky. And, it looks like BLINKs need to get their tissues ready, because this is going to be an emotional rollercoaster.

Judging by the trailer, Light Up the Sky will combine footage from BLACKPINK’s career with unseen clips from their trainee days and behind-the-scenes peaks at how everything comes together. Throughout, the members will be providing their own commentary, stories, and thoughts about everything that has transpired over the past four years.

| Netflix 

The best charting Korean girl group of all time—K-Pop sensation, BLACKPINK.

— from a media soundbite included in Light Up the Sky

Fans will get to see BLACKPINK in the studio with their producers as the documentary reveals just how much input the members get in their music. In one scene, Lisa appears to be providing her own vocal direction.

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Over its 79-minute runtime, the documentary will show BLACKPINK’s growth as K-Pop superstars—including major highlights like tours and event appearances.

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We grew into something we didn’t even know was possible.

— Rosé, Light Up the Sky

But trainee days will be a big focus too. The trailer includes footage of BLACKPINK practicing before their debut, with the members sharing stories about what it was like to experience those days together.

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I think what makes K-Pop K-Pop is the time that we spend as a trainee.

— Jennie, Light Up the Sky

And, as with all trainee experiences, becoming BLACKPINK wasn’t easy. When you see Rosé crying as she recalls what it was like to live thousands of miles away from her family in Australia, it’s going to be hard not to cry with her.

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And all the members have their own downsides to share. Snippets from the documentary show Lisa describing the group’s training period as all “competition“, while Jisoo laments about the times she considered giving up entirely.

| Netflix 

I considered if it was right for me to stop here just because I’m experiencing a little bit of a hard time.

— Jisoo, Light Up the Sky

Of course, there were upsides too. It seems that much of the documentary will focus on the bond between Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé and Lisa, and how that helped get them to where they are today—standing on stage as one of the biggest girl groups the world has ever seen.

| Netflix 

All I wanted was [for] people to see the potential in us.

— Jennie, Light Up the Sky

Light Up the Sky will premiere on Netflix on October 14.


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