Here Are The New Year Plans For Idols Who Have Been Discharged From The Military

We’ve missed them so much!

Although 2020 was a hectic year due to COVID-19, there were also some good things that happened as well. One of these was the return of idols from the military. From Yoon Jisung to SHINee, fans are happy to have many of these idols back in their groups.

Yoon Jisung gained attention through the Mnet audition program Produce 101 Season 2 and debuted in the project group Wanna One. After the group disbanded, he began solo activities starting in 2019. In May of 2019, he enlisted in the military and on December 13, 2020, he was officially discharged.

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In 2021, I hope to promote not only in music, but also in entertainment, musicals, acting, photo shoots, and more. Especially with musicals, I was able to have the opportunity to act on stage and learn from my seniors. This allowed me to feel the charm of acting. Because of this, I hope to show different sides of me to the public through acting. I also hope to release an album this year and show a good stage to my fans. Going forward, I hope to hold a concert with my fans after the COVID-19 pandemic dies down. I am most thankful to my fans that have waited for me for a long time. I hope COVID goes away so that I can spend time with my fans.

⁠— Yoon Jisung

After their album release in June of 2018, SHINee members began enlisting in the military, starting with Onew in December 2018, then Key in March 2019, and lastly Minho in April 2019. The youngest, Taemin, continued his solo activities and SuperM activities while the older members were gone, but fans weren’t able to see a full comeback with all the members for the past two years.

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Following Minho’s discharge, the members are finally back together. Onew commented, “I hope to become closer to our fans in 2021. Although we are all having a hard time because of COVID-19, I hope to meet everyone soon.”

Key commented, “In 2021, I hope to show a new side to myself as well as through SHINee to our fans. Please be healthy so that we can have a better year than last year and I hope to meet you all soon.”

Lastly, Minho commented, “I want to work really hard and show different promotions in 2021. I want to give everyone a healthy and positive energy. Thanks to all the fans that have waited for us and we hope to meet you all soon.”

All the members of HIGHLIGHT have finally been discharged from the military as of 2020.

A new year has begun. Happy new year to everyone and we hope that only good things happen this year. We are now ready to begin promotions this year as we have all been discharged from the military. We are planning to do promotions both as a group and individually. We haven’t been able to see our fans offline since COVID-19 hit. We hope to see our fans in 2021.


The return of the second generation idols has fans excited as well.

| JYP Entertainment

In just a few months, 2PM will be back together as a group. Wooyoung said a few words to represent the group. “We hope that 2021 will be a year full of laughter and strength. Let’s all make this year a good one. We hope everyone will always be healthy and happy.”

INFINITE gave a few words about their plans for 2021. First, Seonggyu commented, “I will work hard in everything that I can do.” Seongyeol, taking care of their Inspirits, commented, “I will try to communicate and show my face more to the fans who have been waiting a long time.”  Dongwoo added, “I think this will be a year for me to study. After this pandemic becomes more under control I want to study music and sports.”

Stay tuned for these groups’ comebacks this year!

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