New York City Restaurant Owner Criticised For Filming BTS Without Their Consent

The video has since been deleted

While BTS is incredibly busy with performing, composing and generating the content that their fans love, many ARMYs know that it is important that idol groups should be given privacy and personal space when they can.

Especially while a group is touring internationally, most fans know it is important to allow them to relax and enjoy their downtime.

Unfortunately, given the high-profile fame that BTS has garnered internationally, sometimes this isn’t possible.

While BTS was staying in New York during their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself World Tour, they were filmed by the co-owner of a Korean BBQ restaurant while they were dining there.

BTS dropped by popular Korean barbecue chain, Kang Ho Dong Baekjeong and were unknowingly videoed by co-owner Bobby Kwak while they were eating.

The video was then posted on his Instagram account which caused widespread disappointment at the breaching of BTS’s privacy.

Furthermore, the Instagram caption incited frustration as Bobby Kwak unnecessarily compared BTS to BIGBANG underneath his video of BTS.

Maybe I am just being too harsh or maybe it’s way past their time but I feel like Big Bang had more talent than BTS. Kinda like Jordan vs. Lebron debate but I will admit they are slowly growing on me

Many on social media have been incensed that he would compare two talented boy groups, both successful in their own right, while filming BTS without their consent.

In response, fans flooded the restaurant’s Yelp page with one-star reviews and criticised Bobby’s rhetoric on his Instagram video.

Yelp ended up having to disable the restaurant’s reviews due to the unusually large amount of complaints being posted.

In response, Bobby took down the video of BTS and made another post apologising for his actions and stating that this did not reflect the restaurant, but rather his own personal decisions.

Fortunately, it seems like BTS thoroughly enjoyed their downtime in New York!

They went sightseeing and explored some of New York’s top tourist attractions.

Furthermore, J-Hope was able to freely roam and explore Central Park Zoo, ahead of the widely anticipated BTS performance at Central Park, showing most ARMYs know how important it is for their idols’ wellbeing to respect their personal space.

Hopefully, members of the public will understand that even though celebrities enjoy such a wide-profile, at the end of the day, they are still people and should enjoy as much downtime as they can get.

Source: Yahoo