Netizens Have Mixed Opinions On NewJeans’ Styling During Their “2022 The Fact Music Award” Performance

“I get the concept, but the outfits just looked ugly…”

Since debuting, girl group NewJeans has been cementing themselves as the ones to watch in the K-Pop industry. Only months after making their debut, the members have already gained “attention” for their talent, visuals, and charisma.

Yet, the styling of the members has recently come under fire at an awards event.

The members of NewJeans | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

Like many K-Pop idols, NewJeans recently appeared at the 2022 The Fact Music Awards.

On the red carpet, netizens couldn’t stop praising the visuals and styling of the members. Not only were they all dressed in a way to showcase their own personalities, but the looks were stylish, modern, and unique. It combined professionalism with fashion, and they were outfits that anyone would be dying to have.

NewJeans on the red carpet

Not only did NewJeans shine on the red carpet, but they also opened the entire show, showcasing their amazing talent and visuals in their performances.

Yet, although netizens couldn’t stop praising the members’ performance, it was seemingly overshadowed by the outfits of the members.

NewJeans’ performance | THE FACT/YouTube
| THE FACT/YouTube 

NewJeans definitely brought some color to the performance with the outfits, but many pointed out that the looks were unflattering, while some even compared them to clown outfits with the shapes and designs.

Although the looks were innovative and definitely made the members stand out, many netizens criticized the styling of NewJeans.

While many Korean netizens on forums couldn’t stop laughing at the looks, international fans shared their thoughts about how the looks didn’t give the members justice for their performance and visuals.

While many criticized the looks, others explained that although they were not the best, it seems as if the company has tried to put the members in “age-appropriate” looks. In particular, when the group first debuted, netizens raised concerns about the outfits the young members were wearing.

NewJeans member Minji | @newjeans_official/Instagram

Although they might not have been the expected looks, netizens believe that they fit not only the ages of the members but also the Y2K look they have been embodying since the group debuted.

K-Pop idols are always judged by the standards of their outfits. With such a high-profile and successful debut, it isn’t surprising that NewJeans’ looks are always being watched by netizens. It seems like the stylists have yet to find the balance between the members’ idol image and their age.

You can read more about NewJeans’ stylist being criticized below.

ADOR’s New Girl Group NewJeans’ Styling Criticized After Members Seen Wearing Clothes Considered Inappropriate For Their Age

Source: Pann Chao


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