NewJeans’ Company ADOR Announces New Auditions For Male Trainees — Sparks A Heated Debate Over The Controversial Requirements

Yet, they’re not the only K-Pop company with these requirements.

One of the most controversial topics in K-Pop is the topic of age, whether it concerns when idols debut and even those training. Recently, NewJeans‘ label ADOR has come under criticism after the requirements for their upcoming auditions were announced.

The members of NewJeans | NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

When the members were first announced, netizens couldn’t believe how young the idols were. Although, the group has recently been praised for its music and age-appropriate releases.

While the outfits raised concerns, “Attention” had an age-appropriate concept | HYBE LABELS/YouTube
“Hype Boy” has become a hit track worldwide | HYBE LABELS/YouTube     

Yet, it wasn’t long ago when netizens were angry at the young ages after the members were deemed to be dressed inappropriately and the lyrics of their song “Cookie.”

The lyrics for “Cookie” gained negative attention from international fans | HYBE LABELS/YouTube 

It seems like ADOR is once again raising concerns after revealing that they are holding auditions for male trainees.

On March 28 (KST), ADOR posted a video featuring a Japanese model who is seemingly applying for the audition, and then it shows the members of NewJeans.

The video promoting the auditions | @alldoorsoneroom/Twitter
| @alldoorsoneroom/Twitter   

While the video was harmless enough, netizens couldn’t avoid the requirements, which included that all the trainees had to be born between 2004 and 2012. It means that the age range is between 10/11 to 19 years old.

After the controversy surrounding the young ages of NewJeans, these requirements were shocking to fans.

Although it is unlikely they will debut for a few years and will focus on enhancing their skills, many believe that it is still too young to have them training for long hours and being exposed to the “toxic” K-Pop standards.

Others shared that those older than the cut-off, while would be at the perfect age to debut, are seen as too old or at a point where they can’t debut. Also, many pointed out that at this point, children should be allowed to enjoy their childhood.

While many were negative towards the age ranges, others pointed out that it was a common age for companies to audition, including SM Entertainment which has the same restrictions for those auditioning.

SM Entertainment’s audition requirements are similar to ADOR | SM Entertainment

On the other hand, while JYP Entertainment‘s upcoming auditions have no age restrictions, HYBE specified a much older age range, with it being 15-19, but those in Europe have to be 16. This is a huge comparison to the ages set by ADOR.

JYP Entertainment’s audition requirements | JYP Entertainment
HYBE’s requirements for the auditions | HYBE

While netizens have agreed that ADOR and NewJeans have predominantly stayed within an age-appropriate concept, it doesn’t stop netizens from worrying about the future. The same concerns were raised when the ages of YG Entertainment‘s trainee group BABYMONSTER were revealed.

Below, you can read more about the debate on the ages of idols and trainees.

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Source: @alldoorsoneroom