NewJeans’ Most Recent Inkigayo Performance Sparks Controversy

Creative or opportunistic?

NewJeans is in the news for displaying an iPhone during a recent performance.

NewJeans | CNN

On July 30, NewJeans performed their single “ETA” on SBS‘s Inkigayo.

During the performance, however, the group started filming themselves on stage with an iPhone 14 PRO. Each member started filming themselves with the phone on live television.

The broadcast then switched between Inkigayo cameras and the iPhone camera until the group ended their performance by taking a selfie on stage.

According to reports, some netizens criticized the group for overtly advertising the phone on a live broadcast. Others expressed concerns over the influence the group and the show had on young teens, who make up most of the show’s demographics.

Still, others reportedly defended the group by praising the performance as “fresh” and for staying true to the song’s concept in its music video.

Previously, NewJeans made headlines when it was announced that the group’s music video for “ETA” would be shot with an iPhone 14 Pro.


What are your thoughts? Check out the group’s full performance in the link below.

Source: gumgang ilbo, mbc and maeil kyungjae