Fans Express Concern For NewJeans’ Danielle After Apparent Hair Loss

It appears her natural hair has been damaged already.

Fans are concerned for NewJeansDanielle after apparent hair loss.

Danielle | @NewJeans_twt/Twitter

When NewJeans debuted, everyone admired their long, healthy natural hair. While K-Pop is known for idols often rocking unique, colorful hairstyles, it seemed appropriate for the young members to showcase their natural beauty.

Yet, Danielle’s hair wasn’t entirely natural…

Danielle actually has beautiful, naturally wavy hair. So, her hair is often straightened.

| @NewJeans_twt/Twitter

Bunnies (NewJeans fans) have often expressed their dismay that ADOR, NewJeans’ company, didn’t let Danielle debut with her waves/curls. Not only would it have been iconic, but some fans would have felt represented to see a K-Pop idol with their hair type.


@Nokwanda I know there’s a lot of debate on wether her hair is curly/ wavy but I think we all can agree that it was beautiful #daniellemarsh #newjeans #danielleedit #daniellenewjeanshairstyle #edit

♬ I miss the old Kanye – sonya

Despite Danielle’s gorgeous waves, she has been continually styled to have straight hair, matching her NewJeans members. Bunnies have been worried that the constant styling could result in heat damage.


she’s so breathtaking I swear 😭 #newjeans #danielle #noi1_newjeans #kpoptiktok #fypシ #fy #fyp

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They had every right to be worried too. Danielle’s recent appearance at 2023 Seoul Fashion Week has sparked genuine concern for her hair as it appears she has lost the volume and body of her hair. They noticed her hair appeared much thinner.


#Danielle #NEWJEANS #fyp

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Bunnies are upset that Danielle appears to have already balded in such a short time, and they know it’s due to the styling.

| @vmdmgf/TikTok

We hope that Danielle’s hair is given the break it deserves!

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