A Visual Representation Of NewJeans’ “Ditto” On MelOn’s “Top 100” Chart Is Mind-Blowing

Seeing the duration like this really puts things into perspective!

It’s no secret that rookie girl group NewJeans has taken the K-Pop industry by storm since they debuted last August. Despite not even being a year into their career, they’ve already broken records and surpassed milestones unachieved by any girl groups before them, and they’ve only released six songs so far!

NewJeans | ADOR

Their song “Ditto”, in particular, has been a massive hit ever since it came out back on December 19, 2022. A pre-release single for their single album OMG which came out in January, “Ditto” skyrocketed onto various music charts both in South Korea and globally.

And it wasn’t short-lasting success, either. Now, over three months after the song was originally released, “Ditto” remains not only on the MelOn “Top 100” chart on a regular basis, but it has stayed at the #1 position for nearly every hour of each day during the last three consecutive months.


The chart below gives an eye-opening visual of what the success of “Ditto” on the MelOn “Top 100” chart looks like.

The hourly ranking of “Ditto” On MelOn’s “Top 100” chart for the last three months | MelOn

With the success of all of NewJeans’ small discography so far, it’s exciting to see how the young members have already found such a unique and beloved niche in the competitive K-Pop world!


Here’s what fans are saying after seeing the visual representation of the success of “Ditto” on the MelOn chart.

We can’t wait to see what NewJeans has in store for us next!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa