NewJeans Haerin’s First Concert Ever Was BTS, Proving Her ARMY Status

She shared details about the experience.

Since many artists under HYBE are fans of BTS—some even before even joining the company—NewJeansHaerin proved she was one of them by sharing her first-ever concert experience.


Chatting with NME magazine, Haerin revealed that her first concert was a K-Pop one. She’d seen their seniors BTS. Haerin said, “Since it was my first time, I was really excited and nervous.

Because BTS takes their performances and interactions with fans seriously, Haerin wasn’t disappointed one bit. She said, “It was such a good experience, and it made me want to go to more concerts in the future!

Minji and Hanni supported Haerin’s enthusiasm and were more than ready to make BTS concerts part of the group’s bonding time.

Hanni: So much fun!

Minji: Let’s go together next time.

Since Haerin became interested in K-Pop thanks to hearing BTS’s “DNA”, she proved she was indeed an ARMY by seeing the group in concert.

BTS performing “DNA”.

Listen to Haerin share the positive experience of seeing their HYBE seniors perform live.

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