These Are The Unique Items That NewJeans’ Haerin Keeps In Her Bag That Most People Wouldn’t Have

Hint: they’re adorable.

NewJeansHaerin was recently announced to be a new ambassador of Dior. To promote the brand, she appeared on Vogue Korea‘s version of “What’s in my Bag?”

She had the usual items such as a card holder and pair of Airpods while also keeping unique things with her. Check out the latter below!

1. Mofusand

The Mofusand Shrimp Cat Figure Gacha Series is the most special thing that Haerin loves keeping in her bag.

This cute cat toy with a tempura headgear was a random item that she won in Japan. It represented a big win that Haerin, being the competitive person she is, wanted to bag.

I got this in Japan in a claw machine on the street. I got this one because it’s cute. There are main prizes hanging on the wall. I think those are the ones that are popular. Back then I wanted to have one of the main prizes and this was it.

— Haerin

Haerin admitted that the prize is not something she can’t live without. It is, however, one of her favorite things to fidget around with when she’s bored.

I bring it with me thinking I had a catch. It really has no practical purpose. When I have nothing to do, I fidget with it, especially after I see it after I open my bag. Nobody can see it but it’s a decoration inside my bag.

— Haerin

2. Green Pouch

Another unique item that Haerin has in her bag is her trusted green pouch in the form of the Japanese character Pickle the Frog.

| Vogue Korea

This cute accessory was difficult even for her to get. She made sure to buy the last piece available.

I think this is the highlight of all items. It’s the pouch. It looks like this. I bought this pouch with the cat figure. Doesn’t it look appealing? When I first saw it, I told myself that I had to get it. They only had one more left to go so I purchased it immediately.

— Haerin

Unlike the cat toy, this pouch actually serves a purpose. She loves how versatile it is, carrying items ranging from contact lenses to bracelets in it.

It actually is more roomy than it looks like so that’s nice. I use it to carry contact lenses. The usage of the pouch changes as the items in the pouch changes so it is very useful. Besides contact lenses, I put my bracelets in the pouch…and the texture of the pouch is really soft. The texture adds to the cuteness of the frog so I really, really like this pouch.

— Haerin

Check out the full video below to see what else Haerin keeps in her bag!

Source: YouTube
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