Netizens Criticize NewJeans’ Attempt At “Mature” Branding With Haerin’s Dior Pictorial

“They look like kids playing dress up.”

On December 5, W Korea magazine released a pictorial featuring NewJeans‘ Haerin modeling for the luxury brand Christian Dior Beauty. Given that the girl group is one of the most popular in K-Pop right now, and Haerin has been getting a lot of praise and attention for her pretty visuals recently, it may seem like a good combination to have in terms of marketing.

Haerin (NewJeans) for Christian Dior Beauty

While there’s no denying that Haerin looks beautiful in the photos, though, many netizens feel like the 17-year-old isn’t a good match for the beauty brand, which is usually geared more towards older customers.

Given that NewJeans debuted with a fresh, Y2K, youthful concept, and still often leans heavily into that aesthetic, fans are confused why ADOR would have their members model for such an expensive and high-end brand like Dior.

Since many of the group’s fans are quite young themselves, it seems like it would make more sense for them to model for makeup brands that already market more towards teens and young adults and aren’t as expensive.

The general consensus seems to be that Haerin just looks too young for the brand, and though teenagers certainly aren’t strangers to makeup, the decision to model for Dior specifically seems questionable to many.

On a forum post discussing the topic, here’s what netizens are saying about the pictorial.

Is there a different brand you think would better suit NewJeans’ members?

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa