NewJeans’ Haerin Is So Stunning That Even Other Fansites Are Taking Her Airport Photos

No one can resist her charm!

With NewJeans‘ recent comeback with the album Get Up and all the promotions they’re doing for multiple songs on said album, the members have been getting a lot of positive attention lately for their immense talent and stunning visuals.


All of the members of the group are charming and pretty in their own ways, each bringing a unique set of skills and visuals to NewJeans. Recently, though, Haerin has been the focus of attention often due to her unique, cat-like appearance that people can’t seem to get enough of!

Haerin (NewJeans) | SBS

Haerin has been getting attention even from fansites that aren’t for NewJeans themselves. With how pretty she looked at the airport the other day, a non-NewJeans fansite couldn’t help but snap several pictures of the beautiful idol.

And no one could blame them for taking the stunning pictures of Haerin! She looks so effortlessly pretty, it’s unreal.

Between her light, natural makeup, casual but flattering styling, and long, cascading hair, Haerin didn’t have a problem becoming the center of attention at the airport.

The photos from the non-NewJeans fansite were posted on an online forum, where netizens shared their reactions to Haerin’s unreal beauty.

It’s impossible to choose a true visual of NewJeans when all of their members are on this level of gorgeousness!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa