NewJeans Fans Voice Concerns With Hanni’s Styling After A Wardrobe Malfunction

“She’s so professional about it.”

NewJeans never fail to give fans an incredible performance whenever they take the stage.

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But despite the rookie group’s expert professionalism, fans of NewJeans are concerned about the group’s styling after Hanni wore oversized shoes for one of the group’s performances of “Ditto.”

Hanni | KBSKpop/YouTube 

In a video short recently uploaded to KBS‘s YouTube channel, Hanni’s bright blue shoe falls off.

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Although NewJeans exchange some hilarious glances as they figure out what happened…

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Hanni kept dancing like nothing was wrong, not missing a beat despite missing a shoe. But eventually the director ended the take so Hanni could put her shoe back on.

| KBSKpop/YouTube 

Although the shoe’s “center” position made for some hilarious jokes…

Fans were impressed with Hanni’s incredible professionalism.

But many fans are wondering why the stylists put Hanni in such oversized sneakers and are hoping she can wear properly fitting shoes in the future.

Fortunately, Hanni seems perfectly fine, and the styling mishap simply makes for an adorable Cinderella story.


they need to stop giving her these huge shoes 😭 #newjeans #fyp #kpop #viral #hanni

♬ Ditto – NewJeans

You can watch the non-blooper performance here.

Source: KBSKpop