Netizens Come To The Defense Of NewJeans’ Hanni After “Disgusting” Comments About The Idol’s Body Proportions

“How bad is your life that your inferiority complex makes you do this to a young kid…”

Since debuting in 2022, NewJeans has stolen the hearts of fans with their talent and charisma. Yet, it wasn’t without its criticism, as fans were worried that the members were too young to be debuting in the K-Pop industry.

Members of NewJeans | @newjeans_official/Instagram

Yet, along with the pressures that come from debuting young, netizens were worried that idols as young as NewJeans would be subjected to some disgusting comments from netizens.

Recently, Korean netizens came to the defense of 18-year-old Hanni after a forum was created criticizing the young idol’s body.

NewJeans’ Hanni | @NewJeans_ADOR/Twitter

Since debuting, Hanni has always received praise for her unreal talent and presence on stage. Despite being so young, netizens have always praised her youthful image and energy that radiates sunshine.


Unfortunately, with her rising fame and popularity, she has been subjected to a lot of hate. On a Korean forum, an OP created a discussion about Hanni’s muscles. In the post, they posted pictures of her frame…

| Nate Pann

| Nate Pann

The post that accompanied the photos was shocking to many fans as they looked at her trapezius muscle on the back and asked netizens to comment whether they liked it or not, with the OP explaining it looked too strong.

Hmm… It looks pretty sturdy to me, what do you think? If you think (her?) trapezius muscles looks strong click like or dislike if you think it looks normal.

— OP

The OP’s message | Nate Pann

On every forum, it wasn’t surprising to see that many netizens had equally horrible comments about Hanni, agreeing with the OP, with some even comparing her to the muscly actor Ma Dong Suk.

  • “I mean (?) do girl groups not take care of their trapezius muscles?  The label should give them some botox.”
  • “I thought she was Ma Dong Suk.”

Yet, with the shocking comments, it was reassuring for fans to see the huge amount of posts from Korean netizens slamming the OP and post. Many netizens shared their anger that someone so young was being subjected to unnecessary hate about her body, adding that they are in no place to judge someone.

  • “How bad is your life that your inferiority complex makes you do this to a young kid.”
  • “Why are you getting so upset at Hani’s shoulders? Is it wrong for her to be pretty? Why?”
  • “I think the people who say celebrities are ugly or dirty are the worst, LOL. ”
  • Wow, are you guys now resorting to judging shoulders? Man, it’s hard being a celebrity. You guys do all of this, then get jealous of celebrities saying they make easy money and complain about how they split the money, LOL.”
  • “You guys are seriously going off about trapezius muscles? You guys are disgusting; all of you are so disgusting. I’m so sick of you guys judging every part of an idol (idol’s looks).”

While one fan went into detail, sharing how the way photos are taken can impact how someone looks. Although it seemed rude as it was targeting hate onto the OP (who happened to be female), they slammed the user for judging the bodies of such young idols.

They purposely take a photo of when she is slouching her shoulders, then criticize her for having ugly trapezius muscles, LOL. Anyways, the video clip is what matters and in it there is nothing wrong with her (shoulders) and she looks pretty. You should use the time it takes to judge girl group members’ body parts to  judge your own sturdy (fat) body before talking you pannyeos (derogatory term used to call women on nate pann) LOL. This is why they say women’s enemy is women. You should be judging the amount of pimples on your face, your fat percentage, and your messed up facial features. Why are you being jealous of someone who became a celebrity because she is pretty?

— Comment from a user

Of course, no idol should have to be defended against such malicious comments, especially when they are so young. Korean forums and social media can be one of the most toxic places for idols, but there will always be someone to defend them from unjust hate.

Source: Nate Pann