NewJeans’ Hanni Discloses The Fascinating Way HYBE Trained The Members’ Vocals Right Before Their Debut

It was effective!

NewJeansHanni boasts a beautiful and magical voice that anyone can appreciate. She recently showed off her talent in an episode of Leemujin Service where she sang covers of popular songs like “Just A Feeling,” “wa-r-r,” and “Lucky.” But one reason why she’s so skilled is thanks to her company’s training method!

NewJeans’ Hanni

The topic was brought up when host Lee Mujin asked Hanni how she was familiar with a song released in 2002. It was a mystery to him because she was still born two years later in 2004.

This might be because I already knew that this would be a sung by Hanni… This song was released in 2002, yet it really felt like a high teen song released these days. Even though it’s not that long ago, it reminded me of my high school years. I had this heartwarming feeling inside of me. How do you know this song? It’s an old song even for me, but you were born in 2004, right? How do you know a song from 2002?

— Lee Mujin

According to the “OMG” singer, she can thank her training for that. Her label, ADOR, which is a subsidiary of HYBE, gave her vocal trainers a list of songs to teach them. They believed these songs were similar to the vibe they wanted NewJeans to have.

Right before we started preparing for the debut album, our label already had a list of songs that they wanted to try, and they gave our vocal trainers a list of songs that were similar to the songs we would do.

— Hanni

Additionally, their goal was to make the members’ voices better suit their debut songs by practicing the songs on the list. For Hanni, she was given “Just A Feeling” by veteran girl group S.E.S. It was a unique and fascinating training method that really helped them!

They thought our voices would suit the debut songs more if we practiced the songs in that list, and the song I got was ‘Just A Feeling.’ It helped a lot. Our label wanted us to sing a Korean song in a trendy, pop kind of style, so this method helped a lot when we were recording.

— Hanni

Meanwhile, watch the full video below.

Source: YouTube


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